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Dry Demolition Agent (DDA) is used for breaking concrete, granite, and other hard rock. It is a safe application for use in the demolition industry, as well as in rock quarrying and mining applications.

DDA is a very fine sementicious powder that expands when mixed with water, exerting extreme force up to 8.5 kPa, resulting in fracturing surrounding rock or concrete, but this happens at a slow, controlled speed unlike blasting with dynamite. In a typical application, 32 mm diameter holes will be drilled into the rock face, or the concrete to be demolished, which are then filled with DDA in slurry or sausage cartridge form.

DDA is 100% environmentally friendly and produces no blast, noise, dust, vibration or toxins in the process of breaking up rock or concrete.


The product comes in two forms, namely a dry powder in 5 kg bags and in sausages of 200 g each, measuring 200 mm long by 25 mm Ø.
The dry powder is mixed with water to a pourable slurry from and poured into pre-drilled holes, while the sausages are pre-wet to soak up water, whereafter they are placed into the pre-drilled holes.


Ensure that you have read the safety instructions before using DDA. Specifically make sure that you wear the following personal protective equipment before and during handling of DDA: safety goggles, dust mask and rubber gloves. Refer to the safety precautions and material safety data sheets tab for full details.


For optimal results we suggest that you first do sample runs to ensure that the right hole diameter, depth and spacing is used for your particular application. Hereafter larger sections of fracturing can be done with confidence. Keep in mind that DDA can be formulated for different reaction times, depending on your application or need.

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